IPLounge Rules


The IPLounge Community has three simple rules:

  1. No bad language.
2. No hacks or cheats.
3. Have more fun than allowed.

We appreciate:

  Honesty -- i.e. no use of hacks, holes or cheats of any kind
Courtesy and politeness, to each team member and to anyone else playing online

We want to try to avoid:


Verbal clashes
Team bashing
Nagging or hounding
Any confrontation that results in an argument

Other things you should take into consideration:


After joining a pit DO NOT click on the "Suspended for Racing" window until you finish racing and close the game. If you do, your stats will NOT record and the pit will NOT show correctly how many racers are in.

Make sure you have all cars installed before you join a pit. Visit Configuration PU/Profile with all cars for instructions.

Under no circumstances DO NOT use any car other than the official EA cars. Some consider using custom cars a cheat, and cheats are not allowed.

Usually is nice to wait for all players to finish the race, but after all finish the race it's imperative that you return to the pit immediately. (by pressing ESC twice)

Always finish the race, even if you're the last one. The others will wait for you.

If you see the host abandoning the race (white DNF) it is recommended that you return to pit, as well.

If you host a pit, DO NOT change the track until all the players finish the race and return to the pit, otherwise stats could record incorrectly.

We value our community and these simple rules keep us on the level playing field.