Hosting a PU Race


Before explaining the hosting process make sure you can join a race. Also check the following steps:

1. Make sure you have added Porsche and iploungev4 to your firewall exceptions.
(If you need instructions for this, visit Configuration PU > Firewall Exceptions)

2. If you are under Windows VISTA or Windows 7 make sure you run IPLounge as Administrator.
(To do that, close IPLounge, right click on the IPLounge icon and select Run as administrator)

3. Scan and make sure you get no errors and you use NFS Porsche version 3.5.
(To Scan, right click in the race box - just under Race Time - and select Scan)

4. If you are behind a router, you need to port forward 9442 UDP to the local IP of your PC you try to host with. Also if you are using DHCP, set lease time to forever (or never expire). If you need an example of a router configuration page, click here.
(If you have a direct internet connection ignore this step)

If you checked all the four steps above, you're ready to host a race!


Here are the steps to host a race:

Step 1: Right click in the racing box and select Create Race.

Step 2: Chose a Race Type and select Add Race. Need for Speed Porsche will start automatically.

Race type: first option is car type (stock, modified or mixed=stock+modified), second option is Collision (on, off) and third option is Damage (on, off)

Step 3: Select your profile in game.

Step 4: Select multiplayer.

Step 5: Select peer to peer - IP.

Step 6: Click on create....


If you have any problems hosting a race visit the troubleshooting page.