Configuration PU - Profile with all cars


5. Installing Rick's clean garage (profile with all cars)


Step 1: Before downloading Rick's clean garage, make sure you have an existing profile in your game. (Also make sure that no profile is named same as your IPLounge username).

Step 2: Download Rick's clean garage - Download.

Step 3: Move the file to the SaveData folder (from your NFS PU folder) and unpack it.

Step 4: Unpack and

Step 5: Open the NFS Persona Editor, select 0GARAGE.sav file, change the Personna: filed (from New Game Data:) from GARAGE to your IPLounge username, click Apply.

Step 6: Load game and delete the GARAGE profile.

NOTES: You may have to have a look at Options section in the game and set your game options again.
This profile is set for wheel driving, so you may have to reset controls to default if you're using keyboard.
Rick recommends to set TOE IN setting to far left for all cars if you're using keyboard.
To avoid game loading issues while playing multiplayer you should add a 56x66 jpeg picture named exactly as your profile to your NFS PU main folder.