Welcome to IPLounge

In October 2003 The High Stakes and Porsche Unleashed online racing servers were taken offline. Following the demise of these, and the desire for continued online racing, a dedicated team of HS and PU enthusiasts developed the software package called IPLounge.

Since this time 'IPLounge' has developed to include online statistics, cheat detection and much more and while people continue to race, we will continue to develop it.

We are the community that likes online racing. We Race in teams and as individuals, the choice is yours. We would like all of our members to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Forum. This is a great place to find answers to any questions or concerns you may have regarding IPLounge.

New for 2014 IPLounge proudly welcomes racers from the Hot Pursuit 2 Community, the interface for this game is still under development but racing is taking place.

Enjoy your stay :)

Everyone Welcome